Xia mi Multi-functional Expansion Board for BBC micro:bit V2 [DF-MBT0042]

Xia mi Multi-functional Expansion Board for BBC micro:bit V2

Xia mi Multi-functional Expansion Board for BBC micro:bit V2 [DF-MBT0042]

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Look for more hardware to play with your new micro:bit? Check this out! This is a micro:bit V2-based multi-functional expansion board for programming education.

Featuring a small size of 57*87mm and a compact layout, the board expands more than 10 functional modules including sensors of all kinds, 4-way motor, LED lights, OLED screen, and external power supply, which allows students to not only learn the basic functions of micro:bit but also further advance to the next level like controlling robot cars, Mecanum wheel robot, and so on. Moreover, even with so many things integrated on the board, the price still remains low. Come and explore all these extra features!

Features & Details

  • Highly integrated, over 10 modules onboard for STEAM education.
  • Suitable for being applied to Mecanum wheel robot teaching and contest.
  • Affordable for every student


  • Operating Voltage: 5V(USB)
  • External Power Supply: 6V~12V (The switch only controls the external power)
  • Relay Module (P9) Γ—1 (On-board status indicator )
  • Infrared Receiver (P13) Γ—1
  • W2812RGB Light (P15) Γ—2 (RGB0 RGB1)
  • Infrared Flame Sensor (I2C) Γ—1
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor (I2C) Γ—1
  • Rotation Angle Sensor (I2C) Γ—1
  • Red/Yellow/Green Traffic Light Module (I2C) Γ—1
  • 12864_OLED Display (I2C) Γ—1 (With black metal protective cover)
  • Motor Drive (I2C)Γ—4 (Onboard forward/backward rotation two-color indicator)
  • GPIO(5V): P0 P1 P2 P8 (External power with the stronger driving capability)
  • GPIO(3.3V): P0 P1 P2 P8 P12 P14 P16 (Inner power of micro:bit main-board)
  • I2C Expansion Port (3.3V) Γ—2
  • HuskyLens Port (5V I2C ) Γ—1 (External power with stronger drive capability)
  • SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor Port Γ—1 (5V P0 P1 GNDοΌ‰
  • URM10 Ultrasonic Sensor Port Γ—1 (5V P0 P1 GNDοΌ‰
  • Dimensions: 57*87 mm/2.24*3.43”

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